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Needed: Dancers for Youtube Video titled "Time Lords Are A Girl's Best Friend".

Concept: I will be singing this filk version of the Marilyn Monroe song "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend", in front of a Replica TARDIS with a group of dancers. An even number is preferred.

Dancers must: Be able to move their arms, and wear all black. That's about it. May be dancing on an uneven surface. Dancing won't be difficult, as I can't dance for shit and most of it is mid-shots anyway.

I will be wearing either a gorgeous dress or a Leela Costume. Tell me which you think is better. I think the latter. The weather might be cold but I'll probably be the one suffering as I'll be in a skimpy outfit.

This will take a couple of hours, most likely. It'll be done in the afternoon, and I shall be having a party afterwards, because the filming day is the day of my birthday. The TARDIS, being awesome, will serve as the best fucking jukebox ever. She is that cool. She will be the guest of honour.

BONUS AWESOME? If any of you have a costume of any of the Doctors, and would like to step in for a shot where I'm guided into the TARDIS at the end, I WOULD SO HAVE YOUR BABIES. OR AT LEAST HEAP YOU WITH HUGS AND THANKS.

Filming is taking place in Perth, Australia and you will be paid in refreshments and be included in the credits at the end of the video.

Number: Limited at 20.

If you're interested, please register your interest at the following link:


I would prefer it if I either know you, have met your or we both know someone I know. If you could boost the signal in the Perth Geek Network, please do. For an understanding of my schtick, feel free to watch this:

Hopefully my miming will be WAY BETTER this time around. ;)

PS: If you're in another country and still want to contribute in some way to this project, sending me a few dollars via Paypal to help cover the cost of hiring the TARDIS (200 bucks) would be awesome. I will let everyone know when to stop sending me dollars, cause I don't want money for nothing. All those that donate will be in the credits, being given "Special Thanks". Username or real name optional.

I really want to do this to entertain people and to give back to a fandom that's brought me a lot of joy in the past five years.
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DOCUMENTARIES! Sweet, sweet NERDY documentaries! For FREE! On YOUTUBES. *settles down with moffee and a pack of natural state vege chips*

Oh my GOD, yes!


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