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Needed: Dancers for Youtube Video titled "Time Lords Are A Girl's Best Friend".

Concept: I will be singing this filk version of the Marilyn Monroe song "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend", in front of a Replica TARDIS with a group of dancers. An even number is preferred.

Dancers must: Be able to move their arms, and wear all black. That's about it. May be dancing on an uneven surface. Dancing won't be difficult, as I can't dance for shit and most of it is mid-shots anyway.

I will be wearing either a gorgeous dress or a Leela Costume. Tell me which you think is better. I think the latter. The weather might be cold but I'll probably be the one suffering as I'll be in a skimpy outfit.

This will take a couple of hours, most likely. It'll be done in the afternoon, and I shall be having a party afterwards, because the filming day is the day of my birthday. The TARDIS, being awesome, will serve as the best fucking jukebox ever. She is that cool. She will be the guest of honour.

BONUS AWESOME? If any of you have a costume of any of the Doctors, and would like to step in for a shot where I'm guided into the TARDIS at the end, I WOULD SO HAVE YOUR BABIES. OR AT LEAST HEAP YOU WITH HUGS AND THANKS.

Filming is taking place in Perth, Australia and you will be paid in refreshments and be included in the credits at the end of the video.

Number: Limited at 20.

If you're interested, please register your interest at the following link:


I would prefer it if I either know you, have met your or we both know someone I know. If you could boost the signal in the Perth Geek Network, please do. For an understanding of my schtick, feel free to watch this:

Hopefully my miming will be WAY BETTER this time around. ;)

PS: If you're in another country and still want to contribute in some way to this project, sending me a few dollars via Paypal to help cover the cost of hiring the TARDIS (200 bucks) would be awesome. I will let everyone know when to stop sending me dollars, cause I don't want money for nothing. All those that donate will be in the credits, being given "Special Thanks". Username or real name optional.

I really want to do this to entertain people and to give back to a fandom that's brought me a lot of joy in the past five years.
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The title sounds like a brand of oats or soemthing... )

Waaah, we're going to be running out of episodes soon! Makes me a sad panda! New Who season is such a special fun time!
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The painting that got me the Swancon 2010 Art Show People's Choice Award:

Picture under cut... )

Enjoy. :)
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- Hamish McBeth is repeating on the ABC.  Maybe they know something I don't.  Either way, I'm fucking loving it.  It is JUST as funny and awesome as I remember it being.  It's comforting to know that as a kid, I had good taste.

- I was a little fearful of the possibility of losing Tennant to ANYONE in the Doctor Who stakes, but after watching Hamish McBeth and remembering those cheeky devilish brown eyes on Carlyle... *happy sigh* I don't think I'll mind QUITE so much.  It'll take the sting out of the change if it DOES go to Robert Carlyle.  And by taking out the sting, I mean WOW HOT SCOTSMAN ORGASM on top of my AW NO DON'T GO TEN!!!  Not that I require Doctor Who to be hot.  I just require him NOT TO BE JAMES "DICKFACE" NESBITT.  (And don't even start waffling on about how great is in the comments section of the post cause I SO don't want to know, I'm so sick of hearing about him, he's a fucking overrated sack of shit and I don't want to have to talk trash at my friends cause I love you so much.  If you love me, you'll just say nothing and move on.  I WILL NEVER LIKE NESBITT. Case closed, no exceptions, no "But he's really great in Jekyll!", no "Oh but COLD FEET", nothing.)
In other news, I am irrationally hormonal and bitchy today.  (HAH!  NO SHIT!)  It's like my worst worst worst PMS day MULTIPLIED BY TEN.  I mean, if someone gets under my skin, I might seriously break some shit or something.    Like my shift key, as you can see by this post, it's in serious danger of dying of over-use.  (I do not use the capslock for it lacks precision). 

It might have something to do with the fact that I spent two days fighting a horrible temperature, and now that my body has finally won out, no, that's not the end of it.  I had to get tonsilitis as well, didn't I?  I LOOK LIKE I HAVE TESTICLES LIVING IN MY THROAT.  WHAT THE HELL, YO!?  Never mind that all this is a mere month or so from the last temperature inducing illness I had which was a total smack in the balls, I tell you.  It was a killer.  I was out a whole week.  I was scared it would be a repeat.  No, this one is torturing my most beloved asset - my vocal chords.  If I could face off this virus, I would so kick it in the RNA, I would kick it so hard it would wish it was a complicated string of protein-based chemicals in a pool of cosmic goo again.  It would have wished it'd made the decision to STAY a bacterium and live a fairly innocuous and beneficial living of lining some animal's colon and helping them be a more efficient walking poop factory.

I also have the inability to keep shit short.  This was supposed to be a two line post. WHAT the fuck happened?!  I'm just ranting and raving like a crazy motherfucker today.  Maybe the pain is making me crazy.  Or the days and days of constant codeine to fight the horrible madness inducing temperatures.  Or it could be Mirena.  Or it could be "All of the above - enjoy it, you nutty whore!"

By the way, Resetti in the game Animal Crossing: Wild World is seriously mentally scarring.  There is no way, under any God in the sky, that I'm letting an animated little piece of shit like him make me say bad things about myself.  For the third time, the fucking DS ran out of batteries without me realising it.  It must have been kicked from the recharge cord I keep it on when I'm not using it.  It just makes shit easer for me to do that.  Anywa, he comes back a third time and starts shreiking at me like some hysterical freakin' bitch and making type in stuff, and then he tries to get me to type that I'm stupid and stuff.  "SUCK MY COCK" is what the little jerk got.  He better not fuck with me.  I can stand there giving him insults ALL DAY if I have to.  I am not bad-mouthing myself for a simple mistake, I don't care how fucking funny Nintendo find him. If I had any advice for Nintendo, it would be to totally tone down that character.  Making kids say bad things about themselves because they accidentally turned off a fucking DS is hideous.  It's WAY more damaging than the entire GTA series could EVER ever be, I reckon.

And with that, I'm actually signing off.  I'm tired, I'm sore and I have to go take a fuck-tonne of pills.  (Most are vitamins which I'm pretty sure don't cause any problems, so nobody start drawing Heath Ledger comparisons, *please*, I cleared it all with my doctor for God's sakes).   And if the tone of this post has been offensive to any of you, well, I'm very sorry.  Just understand that hormones are horrible, mind-altering, brain-twisting things that listen to no man or woman and do their will as they will.  And at the moment I have both my body and an inserted device waging war on each other deciding what exactly my body will be doing with itself.  It's carnage.  Hormone carnage.  Love you all.

PS. Bulla chocolate-coated icecreams are like, my dessert-treat du jour right now.  Their coldness on my inflamed throat and their chocolatey goodness?  OH MY GOD.


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