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I've been doing character sketches for my character Reginald Leighton from my Carrie and the Magnetism comic. You know what - I make up fucking awesome names. Anywho, I've never been very happy with my past pictures of Reggie cause he always seems a little crusty. He's an older man but he's not crusty. Early forties is NOT crusty!

He is tasty early forties! )

Yes, there is such a thing as tasty early forties. The scads of older Hollywood heartthrobs totally prove my point. Anyway, if you know what actor this is based off, you win a cookie. :D

God - why am I awake?! I woke up at 12:30 and now I can't sleep. I'll read Agatha Christie - that always sends me off! :D Oh and I inked in those Cheesecake Beefcakes, so they'll be coloured (as will the above picture) in the next couple of weeks.
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I've been a bit crazy this week, going out a lot and not taking it easy. Colonoscopy on Monday, then going out to see a movie with lots of walking around in Northbridge, Tuesday at home but that night I went to see Spidey-3 (g-string washing scene missing, alas, but there was much crotch-thrusting which delighted me no end!) which ended up being a late night for me at Fast Eddies. A quiet Wednesday and Thursday, but then a busy Friday with me deciding to curl my hair for a lark and then a night out at a local bar where they have karaoke.

I'm sure it doesn't sound like much to most people, but I've been sleeping every spare hour I've got to get over it. I had a hell of a hangover this morning, too, so my body really is run down.

I am *so* tempted to take some pain killers. Proper ones. Like the last remaining Digesic that I have or a couple of Mum's Dolased. It might give me a headache but I'd really enjoy not being in pain and being able to go to sleep.

If I take it easy, I'm pretty good. Dad thinks I'm faking it at those points but he doesn't realise it's a balancing act, and that every bit of activity costs me energy. Everyone else is running on D cells, where-as I've got AA batteries in me caboose.

Oh, about the Spider-Man picture. Link to it, host it, share it - I don't mind. I don't own Spider-Man so I'm kinda doing a naughty by drawing that picture in the first place. As long as people know that *I* did it, it's all good. I prefer to have my real name mentioned when it comes to art, and a link coming back to either this journal or my dot.com (nancylorenz.com) is ideal. I'm actually thinking of sending a glossy copy to Sideshow, in the spirit of Chaser's War on Everything. My business savvy side keeps saying, "No, you might need to do business with them some day! Don't burn bridges, man!" Though if they did that to MJ, I shudder to think what they'd do to poor BirdMartiaN! Maybe I should just send it to Joe Quesada. Bwahaha.

Okay. I'm succumbing to the drugs. See you on the flipside, buddies.


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