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Okay, so today I went to see my gynaecologist. It's my main one, not one of the under-doctors that I see sometimes. He's a boisterous man in his late 30s, and he clearly loves his work. He isn't, however, the most tactful of men. He's a bit like a game show host, I think.

I've seen a lot of doctors about my endo. Most try to be positive and hopeful and encourage me to try to find a way of dealing with my condition. My gynaecologist does not labour under such restrictions or considerations.

"You'll never be totally pain free!" he says cheerfully, as if I've asked him to give me the figure of Kate Moss and is giving me a reality check. "The only way you'd be pain free is if you were on another planet!" Haw haw! "I mean, it's just the luck of the draw!" he says wisely, like I've missed out on the door prize at a local quiz night.

It was the cruellest way to find out that my life as I knew it, the life I miss, the life I yearn for in hope day after day, is effectively gone. I really enjoyed walking all over the place. I liked being active. I wanted a music career. I wanted so much more for myself. I never wanted to count the spoons, and I never wanted to have to stick to "comfortable" clothes or avoid alcohol due to painkillers but it's my reality now. I lived day in day out hoping that I would somehow be able to find a way out of this horrible place.

So now, now I have to find a way to do as best I can under the circumstances. I think I'll need some time to mourn the days gone, though I've spent enough days bemoaning my lost mobility. I figure now I find a way around this shit.

Maybe I can save up for a Segway. Adam Savage has one. All the cool geeks have one.
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Okay, so today I'm suffering from a bit of nausea. Actually, for a couple of days I've had nausea. I don't know what's up with me but I feel really sick and horrible. Doing any sort of exercise (walking, for instance) just sets off my sickness big time. I feel stupid being like this!! I might talk to my doctor about it cause it's getting really bad.

Anyways! I was looking on the net for stuff about endometriosis, and I found this website. It has a list of foods to avoid if you have endo! How handy!


  • wheat * - this includes breads, cakes and pasta products, all based on wheat
  • red meats - promotes negative prostaglandins
  • refined and concentrated carbohydrates - bread, flour, cakes made from refined flours
  • refined sugars and honey - causes inflammatory reaction
  • alcohol - consumes vit B stored in the liver
  • caffeine which is found in tea, coffee, soft drinks -increases abdominal cramps and increases estrogen levels
  • chocolate - as it contains sugars
  • dairy produce including all milk and cheese - inflammatory
  • fried food, margarine and hydrogenated fats - can stimulate negative prostaglandins
  • soy products and soy protein products - tamari can be used in small amounts
  • tinned and frozen packaged foods as little as possible
  • additives and preservatives - increase chemical load on the system

... Just shoot me. Seriously, shoot me if you're going to take away my chocolate and my deep-fried Krishna foods. Cheese, gluten-free soy, red meats, chocolate and soft drinks are *all I HAVE LEFT*!! I don't do drugs other than what the doctor prescribes and recommends me, I don't drink alcohol, I don't eat wheat so most pastries and cakes and snack foods are out too. I don't have burgers, rolls, crumbed chicken, most chocolate bars, most desert foods, in fact, take the supermarket and cut out 75% of the food. The fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese and tasteless cardboard wheat substitutes in the health food aisle are ALL I HAVE. And the chocolate with no nutritional value (ergo, NO WHEAT) and my favourite soft drink that I sip at during the afternoons here.

I would honestly prefer to be in pain than to have 95% of the supermarket denied me. I have to eat red meat AND iron supplements just to keep my iron at a normal level.

Nope, gimme the heat pack and the drugs, man. And the repeated trips to the OR. I know that sounds crazy, but LIFE WITHOUT CHOCOLATE IS A LIFE HALF-LIVED! I'M TALKING TO YOU, VICTORIA "NO COOKIES, NEVER" BECKHAM!

So I'm curling up in bed with my heat pack and the lappie and the aim to sleep off this crappy feeling.
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Dear Uterus,

FINALLY. J F Christ, what the hell TOOK YOU so long? You were supposed to start making my life a living hell last Thursday. The least you could do, you contemptuous sack of pain, is at least inconvenience me ON TIME.

Okay okay, I'm being unfair. It's the hormones. They're fucking with you, and without the right hormones, you can't do the red magic. You could at least, I don't know, stave off cramping and being generally ouchy until you start bleeding? Or is that an impossibility? Is five days of excruciating pain just your way of saying, "I haven't forgotten our appointment, I'm just working up to it!"?

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So, I got my period today. For the first time in months, a normal period. Most of the time if I'm sore, I take *one* codeine pill. Today, I took two cause the cramping was so bad. 10mg each pill, with muscle relaxant. I feel like this:

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- Hamish McBeth is repeating on the ABC.  Maybe they know something I don't.  Either way, I'm fucking loving it.  It is JUST as funny and awesome as I remember it being.  It's comforting to know that as a kid, I had good taste.

- I was a little fearful of the possibility of losing Tennant to ANYONE in the Doctor Who stakes, but after watching Hamish McBeth and remembering those cheeky devilish brown eyes on Carlyle... *happy sigh* I don't think I'll mind QUITE so much.  It'll take the sting out of the change if it DOES go to Robert Carlyle.  And by taking out the sting, I mean WOW HOT SCOTSMAN ORGASM on top of my AW NO DON'T GO TEN!!!  Not that I require Doctor Who to be hot.  I just require him NOT TO BE JAMES "DICKFACE" NESBITT.  (And don't even start waffling on about how great is in the comments section of the post cause I SO don't want to know, I'm so sick of hearing about him, he's a fucking overrated sack of shit and I don't want to have to talk trash at my friends cause I love you so much.  If you love me, you'll just say nothing and move on.  I WILL NEVER LIKE NESBITT. Case closed, no exceptions, no "But he's really great in Jekyll!", no "Oh but COLD FEET", nothing.)
In other news, I am irrationally hormonal and bitchy today.  (HAH!  NO SHIT!)  It's like my worst worst worst PMS day MULTIPLIED BY TEN.  I mean, if someone gets under my skin, I might seriously break some shit or something.    Like my shift key, as you can see by this post, it's in serious danger of dying of over-use.  (I do not use the capslock for it lacks precision). 

It might have something to do with the fact that I spent two days fighting a horrible temperature, and now that my body has finally won out, no, that's not the end of it.  I had to get tonsilitis as well, didn't I?  I LOOK LIKE I HAVE TESTICLES LIVING IN MY THROAT.  WHAT THE HELL, YO!?  Never mind that all this is a mere month or so from the last temperature inducing illness I had which was a total smack in the balls, I tell you.  It was a killer.  I was out a whole week.  I was scared it would be a repeat.  No, this one is torturing my most beloved asset - my vocal chords.  If I could face off this virus, I would so kick it in the RNA, I would kick it so hard it would wish it was a complicated string of protein-based chemicals in a pool of cosmic goo again.  It would have wished it'd made the decision to STAY a bacterium and live a fairly innocuous and beneficial living of lining some animal's colon and helping them be a more efficient walking poop factory.

I also have the inability to keep shit short.  This was supposed to be a two line post. WHAT the fuck happened?!  I'm just ranting and raving like a crazy motherfucker today.  Maybe the pain is making me crazy.  Or the days and days of constant codeine to fight the horrible madness inducing temperatures.  Or it could be Mirena.  Or it could be "All of the above - enjoy it, you nutty whore!"

By the way, Resetti in the game Animal Crossing: Wild World is seriously mentally scarring.  There is no way, under any God in the sky, that I'm letting an animated little piece of shit like him make me say bad things about myself.  For the third time, the fucking DS ran out of batteries without me realising it.  It must have been kicked from the recharge cord I keep it on when I'm not using it.  It just makes shit easer for me to do that.  Anywa, he comes back a third time and starts shreiking at me like some hysterical freakin' bitch and making type in stuff, and then he tries to get me to type that I'm stupid and stuff.  "SUCK MY COCK" is what the little jerk got.  He better not fuck with me.  I can stand there giving him insults ALL DAY if I have to.  I am not bad-mouthing myself for a simple mistake, I don't care how fucking funny Nintendo find him. If I had any advice for Nintendo, it would be to totally tone down that character.  Making kids say bad things about themselves because they accidentally turned off a fucking DS is hideous.  It's WAY more damaging than the entire GTA series could EVER ever be, I reckon.

And with that, I'm actually signing off.  I'm tired, I'm sore and I have to go take a fuck-tonne of pills.  (Most are vitamins which I'm pretty sure don't cause any problems, so nobody start drawing Heath Ledger comparisons, *please*, I cleared it all with my doctor for God's sakes).   And if the tone of this post has been offensive to any of you, well, I'm very sorry.  Just understand that hormones are horrible, mind-altering, brain-twisting things that listen to no man or woman and do their will as they will.  And at the moment I have both my body and an inserted device waging war on each other deciding what exactly my body will be doing with itself.  It's carnage.  Hormone carnage.  Love you all.

PS. Bulla chocolate-coated icecreams are like, my dessert-treat du jour right now.  Their coldness on my inflamed throat and their chocolatey goodness?  OH MY GOD.
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You know, I was starting to think that maybe, just maybe, everyone's right and I should get out of the house a bit more and exercise. That maybe I'm tired and stuff because I don't move around enough. That had to be it, right? All those hours of sleep and the many days needed for me to recouperate after any sort of sustained activity (walking, leaving the house, etc), it was because of the endo and because of my poor, poor fitness levels. That had to be it. The horrible shaking in my hands that I got sometimes? Low blood sugar! The fact that I'm goth pale, despite being part Maltese and generally rather naturally olive-toned? I don't go out enough! Don't get enough sunshine! I only had to blame myself for this terrible state I'm in!

I idly mentioned to my doctor yesterday that I was constantly rundown to a ridiculous level and said, "I'm thinking maybe my iron levels might be a bit down again." The doctor was surprised and said, "Well, you were okay the last time we checked you. I mean, it was low, but it was on the normal side of low. We'll do another check just in case."

I was expecting maybe 18 (the normal for a woman of my age is 22, apparently). I thought I'd hear from them in a few days.

I heard from them this morning. (I did the test right at the end of yesterday afternoon). I knew it had to be low for them to get back to me so quick. I asked what it was, and the lady had to find it, but unlike the last time I had a blood test and I had to speak to the doctor directly about it, she told me the information right off.

I GOT SIX. That's right, mofos. VI! 6! LIU! SECHS! שש ! SEI!

... I believe I've made my point. (I got 100 more languages, I could keep going!)

SO! Meat must be in my diet in a big way. Red meat repeatedly throughout the week, iron pills every day. I'll be snacking on beef jerky a little more often than I do (once a week instead of once every now and again). I am a sick, malnutritioned omnivore.

I KNEW bleeding for three to four weeks was going to have some freakin' fucking, mother-cunting consequence! "OH NO, IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL!" cried my male gynaecologist at me with cheery aplomb. "EVERYONE BLEEDS WHEN THEY GET MIRENA PUT IN! EVERY ONE HURTS! YOU JUST HAVE TO WAIT THREE TO SIX MONTHS TO SEE IF IT WORKS!"

Like fucking HELL, buddy! Look what this has done to me! Sweet Jiminy CRICKET! Nobody thought that bleeding heavily for three weeks might be, oh, I don't know, DANGEROUS in some way? NO, I'm a WOMAN, it's PERFECTLY NORMAL. I'm sure if a man was losing the amount of blood I was over a three week period, it would have been taken just a LITTLE bit more seriously.

Well, I'll tell you what, I'm fucking angry about this. I'm spitting chips. I'm in a cunt-punting mood. Unfortunately I don't think there's anything I can do about it other than try to undo the damage done.

(I need a new icon - My Uterus Is Trying to DO ME IN)


Jul. 24th, 2008 01:54 pm
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Woke up with horror cramps today. I'm going to eat something, then go back to bed. Probably play a bit of animal crossing before going back to sleep, cause I'm loaded with opiates. It's the only thing that'll knock the pain on its arse.

(I need an icon that says "MY UTERUS HATES MIRENA").

ETA: Need another icon. "MY FACE HATES MIRENA". Cause it's the second day of having this thing in me and ALREADY I AM BREAKING OUT INTO PIMPLES.

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Okay. So my gyno (not my actual gyno but a 'consultant' or something) said that I had to make another appointment for a pap smear and an internal ultra sound. Oh, JOY! Also they were considering putting me on Mirena. Mum said no way, that she'd had a UTI at one point and that it was really fucking paintful. Seeing as I've inherited her backwards lying uterus and strange giant voice box, I can probably be pretty sure that I won't want a UTI. Cause seriously, I am so sensitive down there at the best of times.

Right now is not the best of times. This has been one mother-fucking PAINFUL period. I've had it for two days now and it's been AWFUL. No, not two days... three days. Saturday? I think so. The days seriously just melt into each other.

I'm falling into a sort of despair. I realised at the gynae today that this fucking problem isn't going anywhere. I have shit to work through and there's no magic cure. It's the waiting months for treatment that fucks me up. I NEED those months, man! I want to be out and about, meeting people, finding a man, having FUN. Drinking till dawn and working hard and making money. Swimming at the beach, having full, wonderful sunny days.

All I have is art, my book, my cats, my family and my friends. Which is all right, some people don't even have that. And I'm thankful for it, really. To be stuck at home, I've got the best family for it. You can't go a day without someone popping by and making you laugh.

I keep trying to reassure myself that my whole life isn't going to be like this, that things will get better. But part of me thinks it's a fancy hope and that I should be happy with the nitty gritty of things. But I've never been happy with it. It's why I do what I do. Art, whatever. Cause I want to make something better. To leave the place prettier and more colourful than I found it.
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Okay. So I should really call it a "Bad Health" update cause it's really not getting any better. Endo has definitely been getting worse. I can't go to Pride this year cause last year, I was actually healthy and could therefore do all the traipsing around, drinking and general lollygaggery that such a fun festival involves. I shall be going to a friend's Halloween party instead (which promises to be some fun since people there are very naughty). I hope it is. I feel bad for not going to Pride, and I really wanted to see Kim there (Oh Kim! I miss you!) but my health is just not going to permit it. I'll probably just sit in the corner of Ebbie's party and try to convince someone to come close enough for me to fondle them. And at some point, I'll probably bury my face in Ebbie's wonderful breasts. But if you could do that, you'd do it too cause they're marvellous!

Every day is a day of pain. There are no days where I'm not in some amount of pain. There are days where the pain is little enough that I don't mind it. There aren't any days where the pain is gone. I am back on the codeine again. I hate that I'm on it and I feel like I've totally fallen off the wagon. The worst thing is that the codeine is fucking with my moods. If I don't take it after a couple of days I get a mild-to-oppressive downer. But I don't really know what else to do, I'm in so much pain. The other days it was actually making me jerk away from the smarting. Like, I was walking along and it would throb and I would go "OW! OW! OW!" and jerk away like Peter Garrett (Fucking Labor WHORE!) in Blue Sky Mining. The pain is so intense that I actually have to vocalise the discomfort. I'm like that as a person but fucking hell. OW!

I can't walk long distances. In fact, I can barely really walk at all other than a couple of hundred metres at a time. I'm actually starting to feel quite nauseous in the mornings again too, now. I did some painting the other day and had to stop in the middle of the day. I was exhausted. My exhaustion is really fucking irritating cause I get tired for NO fucking reason. No matter when I go to sleep, when I sleep I sleep for twelve hours. They say that if you sleep too much, you'll die younger. At this rate I'm popping off at fifty!

Computer games have been the saviour of my sanity lately. I feel terribly guilty for sitting around playing computer games, but I swear sometimes that is all I *can* do, I'm in so much pain. Anything amusing and not taxing on my energy and concentration is good. I always feel so useless and lazy after a day of it, though. I think of all the things I *should* be doing and start hating on myself. Bad mental habit of mine! I have to keep repeating to myself that I'm sick, that it's not my fault, and that all I can do is rest and wait and not to punish myself for needing to do that.

It's late, I'm actually tired for once (probably the codeine doing its thing) and I want to try to get things done tomorrow. *crosses fingers* Love you all!
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I've been a bit crazy this week, going out a lot and not taking it easy. Colonoscopy on Monday, then going out to see a movie with lots of walking around in Northbridge, Tuesday at home but that night I went to see Spidey-3 (g-string washing scene missing, alas, but there was much crotch-thrusting which delighted me no end!) which ended up being a late night for me at Fast Eddies. A quiet Wednesday and Thursday, but then a busy Friday with me deciding to curl my hair for a lark and then a night out at a local bar where they have karaoke.

I'm sure it doesn't sound like much to most people, but I've been sleeping every spare hour I've got to get over it. I had a hell of a hangover this morning, too, so my body really is run down.

I am *so* tempted to take some pain killers. Proper ones. Like the last remaining Digesic that I have or a couple of Mum's Dolased. It might give me a headache but I'd really enjoy not being in pain and being able to go to sleep.

If I take it easy, I'm pretty good. Dad thinks I'm faking it at those points but he doesn't realise it's a balancing act, and that every bit of activity costs me energy. Everyone else is running on D cells, where-as I've got AA batteries in me caboose.

Oh, about the Spider-Man picture. Link to it, host it, share it - I don't mind. I don't own Spider-Man so I'm kinda doing a naughty by drawing that picture in the first place. As long as people know that *I* did it, it's all good. I prefer to have my real name mentioned when it comes to art, and a link coming back to either this journal or my dot.com (nancylorenz.com) is ideal. I'm actually thinking of sending a glossy copy to Sideshow, in the spirit of Chaser's War on Everything. My business savvy side keeps saying, "No, you might need to do business with them some day! Don't burn bridges, man!" Though if they did that to MJ, I shudder to think what they'd do to poor BirdMartiaN! Maybe I should just send it to Joe Quesada. Bwahaha.

Okay. I'm succumbing to the drugs. See you on the flipside, buddies.
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I know I keep bitching about this but it's all I am experiencing at the moment and this journal is about my experiences. The heat and the extreme pain are really getting to me. I can't even snooze through it in my bed cause my room is hotter than hell. I can't snooze on the couch cause Dad is reading shit on it. I'm so exhausted but I can't sleep. I can't actually DO anything either. I'm so fucking bored out of my mind. It's times like this I wish I had a laptop that could connect to the net. I think I'd sit there in a comatose state, playing neopets to distract myself from the pain. It doesn't help that the laptop I have presently is totally shitting itself power-wise.

I gotta stop bitching and just COPE. I've taken two mercyndol but they're not doing much. Which means it must be a really mean pain. I've been in pain for so long I have a hard time telling whether it's bad or not. I know that probably doesn't even make any sense. I'm missing school today but thankfully it's a class that I don't need to be at.

I have chocolate but it's not the chocolate I bought. I bought specific chocolates that I'd chosen for myself. I'm being a big baby. I'll probably cry at some point.
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Absolutely cannot sleep. I'm really tired but I'm just sore and depressed. I just lie there in bed, kinda, 'la la la'. *sigh*

I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with my life. I'm stuck with this pain and I don't know how I'm ever going to get anything happening. If I don't get into school, then I have to go look for work - and how am I supposed to look for work when I'm in pain all the time? The government's not going to care - they made my Mum look for work and she has arthritis in her freakin' back!

I just have very little hope of having a good next couple of months. The only thing I can even begin to do when life is like this is my comics.

I tried writing before and I got kinda stuck. I'm going to dig out some old scripts for Carrie and lift some material. There's stuff in there that I forgot about. BirdMartiaN and Carrie are going along at a fair pace now, I'm kinda proud of myself. I know they're not as amusing to you as HP fic or what-not, but they make me very happy to do them. I'm going to post a new picture of Alex and a new bit of script from the villains later. That should be fun.
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Hey all. I gotta stop starting entries like that... Anwyay.

I had a particularly rough day today. Still having a rough day. Am in the midst of agony. I've got absolutely no energy and my guts are killing me. Going to the toilet today was hell. I ended up moaning and crying. Not even a book full of tastefully naked people could distract me from it. I was totally washed out when I got out of the loo. I crashed, and I slept for about three hours. I'll probably be up all night because of this.

There'll be an even longer delay in the recaps and any other art I'm owing to people. God, I'm even getting tired typing this shit out. I haven't even been Christmas shopping!

Dad keeps hassling me to do household chores, and I keep telling him I'm unwell and he gets all angry and starts grumbling at me, listing all that needs to be done. I wish he'd grab a clue that, yes, while I'm usually a pretty lazy chick when it comes to housework, while he was gone I got a taste for it and, with some music, actually didn't mind doing the dishes or picking up around the place. Right now I can't even get up out of bed without grief.

Well, enough of my bitching. My fingers are tired.

Oh, and I hear there was a march for peace? "Lebanese are welcome, racists are not". Good to hear. If there were any peace demonstrations here in Perth, I'd go to it. I think people around here are pretty apathetic and just don't want to stir the waters.

I'm off to watch some tv and feed myself. I love you all, stay beautiful.
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I know you're probably sick of hearing this - I'm totally sick of saying it - but I'm in pain. Awful pain. Usually I can play Destruct-O-Match all right when I'm in pain. I can't do that, I can't concentrate. I'm really fucking sore. It's been this way for about four or five days now. I wake up every morning with a pukey feeling, and then the pain starts as soon as I get up to do stuff.

I'm so fecking sick of this. I'm considering calling up the doctor Karen recommended to me and seeing what he says. Dr. Gan put me on some really stupid anti-inflammatories that do absolutely nothing for the pain. I take them every night and when I'm in pain. I've taken four today and they've done nothing.

I don't know why it's hurting like this - it's not usual. Usually I'm having a good week of health right now, and I'm not. I don't know what's up, but it's worrying me. At first I thought it was a urinary tract infection but it's not the same symptoms exactly. My pee isn't stinging and I'm peeing plenty.

God damn. I just wish it would stop - it HURTS.
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I went to school on Thursday, actually walked there and did stuff. Came home. Body said, "You're gonna pay for that..."

Friday I rested up, was in a little pain.

Today I was a bit sore in the morning but I went to practice with Geoff nonetheless. It was so hard. I was hurting from the get-go and Egyptian Nights is pretty vocally demanding because the arabic wailing requires a lot of power in my diaphragm, power that is sapped when you're having jabbing aches in your back, sides and pelvis. I kept going cause I love that song and I love doing my music. I sat on the couch to sing most of the time. I felt on the brink of "I can't take any more" a couple of times. I worried that maybe my body would make me pay for the day of hard work but I have a band comp on Monday and I really, really needed the practice.

I slept for ages afterwards, from about five to eight-thirty, cause I felt so exhausted. I woke, had a little something to eat (how could I resist Mum's phenomenal rogan josh?) and now I'm going to take some pills. Very tempted to take some mercyndol cause I'm really hurting.

I hope I'm okay by Monday.
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FYI, TMI... Period talk ahead... )
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Well, it's 10:53 and I'm in quite a bit of pain. I took a Mercyndol but I might have to take another. I'm going to start bleeding significantly any hour now. There are signs of it, which I won't go into for fear of TMI.

I've had no energy for anything for the past two days. I check my mail, read up on my friends list, and sit there trying to find something to do that won't tax me. As soon as I start expending any reasonable amount of energy, the pains intensify, I get exhausted, and it all goes bad.

When I DO keep still and don't tax myself, I feel like cheat somehow. I'm failing school and there's nothing I can do. I think I'm going to have to repeat this term, which doesn't bother me at all cause I like it at school and it means I get to have extra time there. I know, terrible. Plus it's extra time I don't have the jobsearch people on my back.

I am worried about having to look for work in the break. They do that to you, don't they? How can I look for work when I'm in so much pain all the time? I'm too scared to ask the doctor for a medical certificate. I'm scared about the thought of it all. I'm seeing the doctor again tomorrow.

The pain swings around my body, I hate it. It's the worst in my waist area, the middle, you know? I wrote down when I had pain so I can show the doctor tomorrow. I'm going to let him know exactly how awful life has been with this. Hopefully I can get this all sorted out in the break and then I can start fresh next term.
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I've got pokey poke pains in my pelvis and guts. Have had them ALL. FUCKING. WEEKEND. Grr. I'm exhausted. Have had no energy at all. Can't even construct proper sentences. I read The Robert The Bruce trilogy by Nigel Tranter and sleep.
The heat pack can't even make all the hurt go away. I'm reduced to actually taking drugs. I know. Shocking. (I don't usually take painkillers for the gut pains cause they don't help. Only Mercyndol seems to make a dent, for about half an hour - then I pass out. Fun, huh?)

I slept all day today. It was the only way I could escape the pain. Then I woke up for dinner and my sinuses and throat were hurting, and my nostrils were burning. Yeah, you know what that means - flu time. I so knew I was going to get sick thanks to Monday's gail force storm escapade. (I walked to the station in the middle of gusty storm weather, soaked to the bone. I remained wet and soaked for three hours, till I got home again). So - not surprised I'm coming down with something.

My periods haven't come yet, and I'm expecting them. Sure, they lasted extra long in the last period thanks to me ditching the Pill from HELL, but I should have gotten them by now. Grr. I better make an appointment with the doctor. Again. FUCK.

Love you all.

Oh, and Froggie? Thank you muchly for the burns of Numb3rs and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You're a hero! *hugs*
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You know, seeing as my last period was extra long, I figured maybe my next period would take a little extra time in coming, you know, maybe my cycle might be put forward a few days.

No. It's not. Either that or my pre-mentrual cramps are getting worse. *sigh*


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