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So, in utter desperation due to the dry weather, I went back to my pagan roots and decided to say a prayer to Tefnut. I'm pretty down with the Egyptian Pantheon, and I think they don't mind me too much, since I went to that exhibition of Egyptian antiquities and showed the proper respect to the statues that used to sit in the niches that only the priests could look upon. I feel a real affinity with the feline-headed Goddesses, like Bast, Sekhmet and Tefnut (there are a few of them). Tefnut is the Goddess of the droughts and the rains, and so I thought she'd be ideal to pray to. I read up about her and tentatively felt for her energies, and I felt welcomed.

So I prayed to her in my garden as I sat with my cat Lennon. It was sparse cloud cover (it was last Saturday) but some rain did come down, as much as the clouds could give, I think. It's been raining for the past couple of days, and tonight a good bunch of rain is coming.

So thank you, Tefnut, for hearing my prayer. The garden is sighing with such relief, the birds are excited and my skin is loving the damp weather. I am sure the faeries/nature spirits in my garden are also thankful for the inundation. And it was quite the inundation this morning - what a lot of rainfall! You are both generous and beneficent.
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I'm just gonna jump right into it. I don't want to debate the existence or validity of my beliefs, but I'm more than happy to discuss them.

The less cluttered a belief, the easier it is to follow. )

That's it for today. :)


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