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I just got a bit of spam mail hawking fillers to "correct your features that time (blah blah aging stuff blah blah)". I thought about that word. We're often told that we need things to "correct" stuff on our faces. And then I thought, what do you correct? You correct a mistake.

Listen, beauty industry. My face is NOT a mistake. My features, my wrinkles, my spots, my sags - they are a part of my face, okay? A face that is here to emote and carry my spirit. It is NOT a mistake, it never WILL be a mistake, even when it's wrinkled and saggy and spotty should I have the good fortune of growing old. Just straight up say, "This shit is to cover up your real human features and deny yourself the humanity you have a right to own." Cause that's basically what you're selling. And most women are okay with buying that.
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I just watched Ruby Sparks, which really should be marketed as a psychological thriller rather than a comedy or a romantic comedy, of which it was neither. It was disturbing, terrifying, squirm-worthy and I totally hated the writer guy by the end of the movie. He was a self-centred douchebag who suffered from problems entirely of his own creation. I just wanted to hit him repeatedly. His made up girlfriend was everything he didn't deserve.

You know a character you create in a script is loathesome when the ideal girlfriend HE creates for himself dumps him. When you reach that point, you as a writer MUST realise that the character is hateful, and you must look at your story and see it for what it is, not what you want it to be. Yeah, I'm talking to the people that made this film.

Another thought I had while watching this movie is that you really would have to hate yourself to limit your life partner to the ideal person that you think you want. If you asked me what would have been perfect for me, say, five or six years ago, it would have been a very different answer from today.

Anyway, I chuckled and thought that my imagination could never create someone that makes me as happy as Daniel does. He is good for me because he is outside of my mental universe. He challenges me, nurtures me, surprises me. My brain just does not keep up with him, and I love that about him. One minute he can be sitting at the table figuring out harmonic theory. The next he'll be giggling about a dick joke.

This is why I love him, everybody.
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The Avengers Spoilers lie within... )
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Especially this post: https://noseriouslywhatabouttehmenz.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/freshly-hatched-gynocratic-rage/#more-2509

I don't know why. Maybe it's the presumption or the idea that regular-ole Feminism *isn't* helping men, which is bullshit. You help men by tearing down the institutional bias that causes all the problems men are facing. Maybe it's the article in there establishing a false equivilancy between angry feminists and MRAs. Seriously - how fucking insulting IS that? They infer that their quieter, less angry feminism is more mature than the angry, never-shut-up-about-it type. They go on to call the loudest feminists "anti-evangelists", in the fact that they tell certain people that feminism isn't for them. Oh noes, we might put people off. They say they don't want to go into a tone argument, and then do EXACTLY that.

Now, fuck all that noise in the ear. I've been an angry feminist since childhood. I was angry then and I'm angry NOW. And I'm not going to stop being angry until things fucking change. It's not immature, it's not draining, it's not a bad thing. Feminism isn't a popularity contest. It's hard, heartbreaking, gritty work. And when you get people coming in, saying damaging shit while calling themselves feminist, and when you jack up, they say, "Hmm, you're propping up the power structures you're trying to tear down", that makes people even more angry. It makes *me* see red.

A lot of us are *tired* of being told that we're too angry, too loud, too disagreeable, too unlikeable, too off-putting for the "cause". You know what? Fuck you. I have a lot to be angry about. I was seven when I was first exposed to the damage violent rape can cause. I've been treated as stupid, airheaded, sexually available and/or slutty for much of my adult life because I'm a sex-positive, bubbly, effusive, happy woman. I've gone through fuckfest after fuckfest with shitty men thinking their entitled to my body and getting angry when I tell them they aren't. I was raped. It took me until I was 31 before I found a male lover that WASN'T a sexist jackass that treated me like a human being. And when, during all that, I want to take time off, relax, ignore the world and it's terrible problems? Sexism in my TV shows, sexism in my comics (OH GOD, the SEXISM) and sexism in my games. Barrages of triggers that tear at my good nature and positive outlook every bloody day. And I'm STILL optimistic, I'm STILL nice to people. You know what? It's a fucking miracle I'm not MORE angry, really.

So don't tell me I'm too angry. And DON'T tell me I'm like the MRA scumbags, trying to shuttle us off into a corner while you do your "Grown up" feminism. I'm not extreme in my views. I'm not unfair or elitist. I'm tough, and I'm unrelenting, and I'm not going to let any fucker step on my rights. If that makes me unpleasant to be around, then boo-fucking-hoo. Go hang around Jezebel or Feministing or trade quips with Amanda Marcotte over twitter. You know, while all the angry feminists do all the hard fucking work.


Jan. 6th, 2012 02:50 pm
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Dear Hugo Schwyzer,

If Feminism is a cold pool in which none of us can immerse ourselves in forever?

Then I'm a fucking MERMAID.

No love,
A pissed off feminist.
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I am a fan. I take part in fandom. I have done so since childhood. I like fandom, but unfortunately fandom isn't fun for everybody.

Just look here. See? There's people in those threads with less privilege, defending their very right to be angry about being called shitty names in fandom.

Do you know what I want? I want that shit to stop. I can't change other people, but I can be positive and make a promise, publicly, that I will do my fucking best to make fandom BETTER. I figure if enough people stand up and make the same promise, then maybe people won't feel so good about being privileged asswipes with no compassion for other people. You know, without that fertile bed of, "Oh, I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!" or "Hey, thanks for having the guts for saying what I couldn't!" there might be less of his mendacious fuckery. So here's my promise:

My Promise to Fandom:

I hereby swear, as a bearer of privilege, to listen to those with less privilege than I in fandom discussions.  I shall apologise when I say things that hurt others, and I shall not attack those that inform me of my own ignorance, whether that ignorance be accidental or otherwise.  I shall SHUT THE FUCK UP about things I don't understand, and listen when people without privilege are trying to communicate with me.   Even when it hurts, even when I feel terrible about everything and think I can't take it, the guilt, the shame, the embarrassment, I shall FUCKING LISTEN TO THEM.  I shall respect their voices, even if I don't agree with everything they say. 

I will learn from my own fuck-ups and I shall not expect others to school me in progressiveness.  I shall be my own teacher, and look shit up when things get nasty so I know why people are getting upset.   I shall endeavour to know the extents of my own privilege, and take part in dismantling that very privilege, or at least sharing it with other people not so fortunate.

I shall understand that no matter how uncomfortable, how stressful or strange these concepts and ideas and experiences are for me, they are nothing compared to the life of people that must live with the prejudice they speak of, every day, every night, every hour of their lives.

I know that the price of my privilege is the understanding that it doesn't just belong to me - it belongs to the world, and I must work to give it back to them.  It's the basic, right, good thing to do.  If I am to be a truly progressive fan, or just a good fucking person, I will do this without complaint and without the gnashing of teeth.  I will not expect cookies, back-pats, cuddles or love.   Being a decent human being should be the default behaviour, and I acknowledge that.

I make this promise to fandom because I love it and want it to be a better place.  This promise means that I won't accept the prejudiced, ignorant behaviour of those in fandom, even if they have more friends than me and more influence.  I'll even call out my good friends when I see them screw up - because I love them and I know they're better than bigotry.

I can't promise that I won't fuck up, that I won't say stupid things, that I won't stumble into a puddle of shit, because as a bearer of privilege, I also have an ignorance of the full extents of that privilege.  But I do promise to make amends as best I can when I do fuck up, because the feelings of others is important to me.  I want to be a better person, and I want it to be possible for others to have as much fun in fandom as I have.

Today I make this promise.  I shall endeavour to stand by it during my time in fandom.

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AKA: Napalmnacey, Nacey, Nancy Lorenz.

If you agree, feel free to post it in your journal, or cosign in a comment below.
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I am just watching The Mothman Prophecies (I'm having a week of watching terrible paranormal flicks, starting off with The Fourth Kind) and Debra Messing is in it. I've seen her on TV so many times, her face is totally imprinted in my head. It's while I saw a close-up of her face during a make-up application montage that I realised they put the red line of her lipstick WAY up over her natural lip-line.

Later in the flick, she's in bed in hospital, waking up. Minimal make-up, probably just stuff to even out her skin tone, but she looks like she's had most of the make-up washed off and a bit of mascara to make her eyelashes show up. Her lip-line? Natural.

Oh. My. GOD, her face is brought to life. She just looks stunning with her natural lip-line! A cute little pointed Cupid's Bow, that is totally in harmony with the shape of her eyes and the lines of her cheek. She looks like a sweet peach-skinned nymph rather than a brassy-haired overdone Hollywood actress.

It taught me a lesson - Nature knows best. Sometimes, your natural lipline is better for your looks than you realise. We're not all supposed to have big puffy lips. Sometimes, thin, pointed lips are *just* as beautiful. Trust me, I'm an artist, I know. (Eg: My icon!)

ETA: Here's a good example picture:


Call me crazy, but I think she looks stunning there. Maybe it's because she reminds me a bit of my big sister Cati, who is one of the most beautiful women ever as far as I'm concerned (I'm definitely biased).
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Hello my fellow internet citizens.

I can see that got your attention.

I intend to cross post this at my feminist blog, Don't Type Angry. I'm increasingly angry at the barrage of ads I've been getting through blogs and websites adsense adverts for Evony. I could go into why they're sexist, but I think other people have already gone over this and if you don't get it at this point, I'm not going to even try to teach you. What I will do? I intend to share with you some wonderful alternative advertisements that Evony can use.

My point in these alternatives isn't just for laughs. I want you all to post them on your blogs and journals. I want you to save these pictures onto your hard-drive. I want you to make your own. Then I want you to send them to every email address the Evony website has listed on their page. Support, advertising, staff, you name it. I think we should bombard these fuckers just like they bombard us.

And just because you're a guy, don't think that these ads don't affect you. I think it's a great disservice to men, thinking they can lure them in with the promise of breasts and subservient women. It's insulting to men, it's insulting to women. It's the lowest common denomenator and I don't think people want that shit on their mainstream, non-porny websites. Usually if you want to see that sort of thing on the net, you have to go looking for it.

It is now popping up in LOLCATS, and on blogs. People are having a HELL of a time trying to get rid of these ads from their adsense accounts. Evony is aggressively finding ways to slip their ads into these accounts anyway.

Coding Horror: How Not To Advertise

BlogLESS: Evony

NFOpocalypse: Civony: Gold-farmers go first party.

BruceOnGames: Don't Play Evony <--- This guy has gone to a LOT of trouble to gather resources and posts about why Evony bites. Give his site a look!

Evony Ads - Exactly WHY they suck. )

Something occurred to me, however. They're missing out on half the market. Isn't it time they start urging the wimminz to join their awesome-sauce browser game?! Where's our princes? Here's where, bitchez:

Guyvony - Save Your Prince! )

And if any butt-stain of a dude comes in here and bitches and moans that I'm just as bad as the ads and that I'm objectifying you - WAY TO MISS THE POINT. YES, I'M LAUGHING AT YOU. WE ARE ALL LAUGHING AT YOU.

The last word goes to Xena.

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Feminist rage? Let me show you it!

Someone thinking they're being snarky and cool about post-war women, puts a coffee pot into the hands of our dear Rosie the Riveter.

Hence, I want to break shit. Somehow, I don't think the 'artist' realises the implications of their piece. D:<

ETA: My brother cracks my shit up! He said, "HAhaha! Why didn't they just get a bag of sand and stuff it in your vagina?!" He was laughing at them, not me, by the way. I can see the funny in my hair-trigger feminist rage, thankfully. LOL!
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Many of you that know me know that I am a feminist. I don't talk about it much but I'm a fierce believer in a woman's ability and her rights to be counted as an equal with men. It's been ingrained in my beliefs since I was a child from my mother, not from lecturing or giving me wise words, but by her unrelenting zeal in trying to not only better herself, but contribute to the community she lived in and to be the best mother she could so that the people she brought into this world would be an asset and not a liability.
I'm ranting for a minute, but bear with me... )

So when women say shit like this, I start getting pretty pissed off. Helen Cronin bemoans the fact that feminists deny her 'scientific' evidence (which is merely statistical evidence based on a society that is still going through a state of flux as far as its sexual awakening goes - sexism is still strong and it swings both ways) and then goes on to cite these wonderful gems:

Get your scientific-sounding bullshit meter ready... )

To the woman's credit, she echoes something I said in the beginning of this rant: These gender-specific 'tendencies' are just that. They don't dictate our lives and it's our environments that can help us overcome our mammalian hard-wiring.

I'm not entirely convinced, though, that such tendencies can be divided so easily, especially after only recently gaining our steps forward in liberation. Plus the human brain is such a mystery to us, how can one pretend to understand it and our biology through statistics alone?

The worst thing about this woman is that she's the saviour of male-rights waving dick-smears like this guy (who happens to be a member of CSICOP and gets kicks out of debunking other people's experiences with the unknown). Don't get me wrong, I'm all for male rights. I'm a *feminist*. That's what it's all about - equality. For all.

All I can see on that page is that dude weeping over his precious patriarchy (which is not in any danger of being toppled, I must say) and the fact that women get more health-care than he does. With the bitch-hand we've been dealt with in the biology stakes? NO FUCKING SURPRISE, BUCKO! Raging hormones, periods, problems due to the closeness of our wee-hole to our baby-hole, gynaelogical problems, pregnancy, menopause - is it ANY FUCKING WONDER?! But why take my word for it? Here's his words (MSTed by me in between):

Proof that Women Have It Better so we should Shut the FUCK UP about our Rights! )

I'm not an economic or sociology expert. I'm sure there are things I've said that are in glaring error (do correct me if this is the case). But pardon me if I don't take seriously the grumblings of a man who stamps his foot and says that there's "No such thing as Matriarchy" in the entirity of human history and that patriarchy rules supreme. (This might be so, but why get mad about a few wimmin groovin' to the idea of an ancient agrarian society worshipping a goddess and the poor woman slaving in the kitchen being the most important person in the household?)

Phew! That was a lot of ranting. Now, I'm going to take my domineering, alpha-hormone, Darwinian-buckling arse and go do something constructive. Like write my damned novel. That has romance and mermaids and environmental catastrophe. (Awww shuddup!).


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