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I just watched Ruby Sparks, which really should be marketed as a psychological thriller rather than a comedy or a romantic comedy, of which it was neither. It was disturbing, terrifying, squirm-worthy and I totally hated the writer guy by the end of the movie. He was a self-centred douchebag who suffered from problems entirely of his own creation. I just wanted to hit him repeatedly. His made up girlfriend was everything he didn't deserve.

You know a character you create in a script is loathesome when the ideal girlfriend HE creates for himself dumps him. When you reach that point, you as a writer MUST realise that the character is hateful, and you must look at your story and see it for what it is, not what you want it to be. Yeah, I'm talking to the people that made this film.

Another thought I had while watching this movie is that you really would have to hate yourself to limit your life partner to the ideal person that you think you want. If you asked me what would have been perfect for me, say, five or six years ago, it would have been a very different answer from today.

Anyway, I chuckled and thought that my imagination could never create someone that makes me as happy as Daniel does. He is good for me because he is outside of my mental universe. He challenges me, nurtures me, surprises me. My brain just does not keep up with him, and I love that about him. One minute he can be sitting at the table figuring out harmonic theory. The next he'll be giggling about a dick joke.

This is why I love him, everybody.


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