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- Felicity just called Laurel gorgeous. Felicity/Laurel 4 life.
- Felicity is dressed up again. Girl boner.
- The thing I love about Felicity is that she's an awkward nerd who actually DOES awkward nerd things. Like say the wrong thing at the wrong time and make a dick of herself. I really, really appreciate that.
- Aww Laurel. The dudes are screwing you around. Go out with Felicity. She'll take good care of you and she's not a jerk.

Episode 22

- Awwwww Laurel, honey. Oliver's too much work. Go out with Felicity.
- Felicity, don't fall for Oliver's shit. Laurel. By the way, it's totally my head canon that Felicity is bi/pan/etc.
- "I LOST HIM FOR FIVE YEARS!" "WELL I LOST SOMEONE TOO!" Jeeeeesus, sometimes the writing in this show is SO BAD.
- "Who the hell is Felicity Smoak?" A FUCKING BAD-ASS, THAT'S WHO. AND MY NEW TV GIRLFRIEND.
- Nice timing there, walking in front of the window at the right time. Also, sucked in Tommy. Oliver's right - Laurel's not a fuckin' prize.
- There goes Yao Fei. I hate it when likeable characters buy the farm.
- Have I mentioned lately how much I love Diggles? Because I totally love Diggles. Diggles is the best thing to ever happen to Oliver.
- I'm not sure what actor could be Malcolm Merlyn other than JB. Like, it's an easy character to overdo or fuck up. But JB has a way with addictive melodrama. He had me watching Torchwood, ffs!

Episode 23:

- Ugh. Tommy is such an insufferable twat.
- Daddy Lance just got suspended. The first realistic thing to happen to him, LOL!
- Woah! JB wrathful and angry! Awesome!
- You know, if I were Tommy, I'd be feeling so fucking unhinged right now. His best friend has been popping people off left right and centre, and now he discovers his DAD is killing people to. If I were him I'd be assuming my mailman was a part-time serial killer as well.
- Oliver, when the muscly dude bigger than you says, "You need me along with you to take down the madman that beat your ass twice already" you say YES.
- Thea and Roy are ADORABLE.
- If Felicity saves the day, I may lose my shit.
- Well, shit. She nearly did.
- Oh Tommy, you stupid dope.
- I'm actually genuinely sad about Tommy. That's a surprise!

So. Season one. Some really stupid parts, but a few characters I got hooked onto. On to season 2! :D


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