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I just a quick little post while I'm doing other things.

I'm writing my comic, Carrie and the Magnetism. The main three women in it are, to all intents and purposes, white. Though Andrea's mother is probably Spanish (I'm still etching her history out). I think that still makes her white. Though, even having just one grandparent of Mediterranean extraction (Granny from Malta), I am very dark in my colouring, to the point that I invariably get men from that region of the world ogling me when I walk past them. I don't know why. The wogs love me.
Alex, their closest friend and confidant, (essentially the Male Magnetism member) is Jewish (non-practicing).

Ci-Ki, the redhead, will have an issue where she has a romantic entanglement with a woman. There is strong sapphic subtext throughout the entire comic. The woman she falls for, Jade, is African-American. She's a character I've been building for some time now, and I've been very careful with her. I think she's just beautiful. I love designing bright colours on her, and drawing her in the funky clothes that are prevalent throughout the comic. She's a strong character, one that looks after herself and those she loves. Not totally unlike Original Cindy from Dark Angel. (I guess you could call her Unoriginal Cindy!). I didn't make a mental choice of "Gee, I need a black character here."

It was more of a fact that the character walked into my head and said, "I'm a part of the team too." And I thought, "Yes, yes you are." (I know it's psycho when authors/artists talk about their own creations having minds of their own, but seriously, sometimes it just happens that way).

I've also got a lot of different social classes in the cast. Ci-Ki was poor for most of the time, Alex is from lower-middle class, Carrie is firmly middle-class and Andrea is second generation New Money, her father being a successful purveyor of quality footwear, bags and belts.

Anyway, the thing that has been bothering me about Jade, and the whole comic, really, is that there's too much white. Too much privilege? I guess, when I was creating the comic, I was so focused on the core feminism of it all that I didn't really think about the other issues I could touch on. But I'm hesitant to make a main character a person of colour, because I am not a person of colour, and I would be really *really* bad at speaking for them. I figure, if I listen to them, and have my characters play that out, the listening, then that's good, right?

I'm comfortable in making one of the main three girls queer, because I'm queer. I'm comfortable with writing about upper-class folk because, growing up in a rich suburb, I've been around that sort of element my whole life. You see what I'm getting at, right?

So what are your views on this? I really don't want to make any bad or backwards choices with my work, but at the same time, I have to be true to the characters and the story. I love Jade, can't wait to work her into the story. She's not there just to say, "Ooh, look, black person!" She's going to be a very, very important character to the Magnetism.

Anyway, I'm just thinking out loud. Or, textually. LOL!


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