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In response to this I did this:

Not a very safe for work picture of Spider-Man... )
Doesn't he have the cutest butt?! :D

ETA: I just posted this at Joe Quesada's Blog:


Let's see how long it takes for them to:

a) find it
b) take it down
c) BAN my arse!

BWahahahaha. Oh, if I ever had any fantasies of having a successful mainstream comic career, they're pretty stomped on now. Yay underground! So funky David Bowie wrote a song about it!


That post on the Blog... )

I bet he didn't even read it, the pussy.

ETA3: Oh, Google, you loveable whore! You cached my love letter to Joe!

ETA4: Thank you, EW.net for featuring me in your column! I'm totally chuffed!

Now, I want to state here, since I can't state it everywhere that this has been seen, that I wouldn't like to see all of our male comic heroes objectified like this. The point of the parody was to highlight how ridiculous it is to represent *anybody*, man or woman, in that way (unless they're involved in porno). I just wanted people to be sure where I was coming from on this issue.

And finally (for this edit, and hopefully for the whole thing), if you're here to bitch me out about the drawing, read these first. You know, just to make sure that when you start those fingers on the keys, you're going to be saying something that someone else hasn't said to me or other feminists a thousand freakin' times already.

ETA5: My deviantart journal. Do give it a look!

ETA6: Okay. People keep accusing me of being fat, hormonal, hard-up and ugly. Well, I'm not hard-up (I have a healthy sex toy collection so my lack of a man does not bother me), it doesn't matter if I'm fat or ugly because I don't see why someone's opinion is any less worthwhile just because they don't happen to fall within the current accepted fashion of 'desirable and attractive'. BUT - big but - I would like to make it clear to any pus-balls that may happen upon my entry that THIS is what a feminist looks like:

Thank you and good day.

ETA7: This is the FINAL update. If you're here to rail on me or attack me, read previous threads and see what I've said there. I've had a week of defending myself and I'm finally tired of it all. If you want to play anti-comics-feminist bingo, go do it with people that haven't played it before. Cause I don't give a shit. I don't give a shit if you're mad about the drawing, I don't give a shit if you think I'm doing something horrid by standing up for myself and other women that read comics. If you're a woman that reads comics and you're mad at me? Fuck you. No seriously - go back to the kitchen, bitch, because I do not want to hear it. You make me want to smack puppies with kittens and feed them to a baby. You can make a comment if you like but please don't labour under the impression that I will either pay it much heed or give a shit. (See, we're going with a NOT GIVE A SHIT motif here).

For all those that have supported me and continue to support me - bless you. Thank you. Keep spreading the message because this maquette is just the tip of the iceberg.


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