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Episode 16

- Felicity learning to kick ass? YES PLEASE. By the way, her getting dolled up for the ball in the previous episode? PRAISE DA LAWD, DAT GIRL IS HAWWWT!
- Shirtless Manu Bennett? Yes please. Every time. Slade and Diggles need to fall into a big puddle of baby oil. And then they need to wrestle. Strenuously. *nods*
- See, I know I'm supposed to be on Tommy's side in this or something, but I just feel bad for Malcolm Merlin. You know why? JOHN BARROWMAN.
- Ugh, Tommy, you are such an asshole.
- It's okay, Tommy. Your Dad is Jack Harkness. Give him a couple of days and the bullets will pop right out again.

Time passed, I don't know what I was doing other than looking after my nephew and having family times, but it is now a day later and I'm attempting to watch 18.

Episode 18

- Poor Felicity. Technology can't save everything.
- I actually really like Roy and Thea. I blame you, Colton. Damn you and your likeable face.
- I love Alex Kingston *so* much.
- I'm kinda sorry for his mother. I don't know why.

Episode 19

- Ok so it's the daughter of whatsisface that's the magic Person of Colour that teaches Oliver exotic martial arts shit. *sigh*
- Tommy's characterisation has taken an interesting turn.

Episode 20

- Upside, at least it's a woman that teaches Oliver to shoot.
- Ok, so Gunn is evil assassin, gets himself poked by Oliver, and then Tommy suddenly decides - FOR poor Laurel, that they have to break up. He never discusses his feelings with her about that. Granted there's a lot of shit involved that he has to keep secret, but I'm so tired of women being witless pawns and not being able to decide their own futures in these fucking shows. They're always beholden to the men's plots and wishes.

More lator!
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