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So, I'm catching up on my "Things people are talking about and maybe I should check out" list, and I've been giving "Arrow" a look. I'm three eps down, just starting to watch the fourth episode.

- You know, Diggles is right. Oliver is a criminal. He straight up killed a bunch of people in the first couple of eps. They were hired by horrible people, but that was their job, they weren't breaking the law. And as someone who doesn't believe in capital punishment, I don't have a lot of sympathy for Oliver at this point. I prefer heroes who don't take lives, personally.

- I like Diggles.

- I am so tired of Laurel's best friend. She's basically there to serve Laurel's storyline. It's either all about men or all about men. Jesus.

- Halfway through the 4th episode. Getting bored.

- He got arrested. Oh no. :|

Of course, I kinda wanna know what happens next but I'm not sure if I care enough to watch another hour of this. I might keep it going in the background while I do some crochet.

Watching Ep 5.

- What the hell is the boner scriptwriters have with heroes showing off their scars and the women getting all dew-eyed about it? Fuck me flat. Makes me miss Xena. You know why? She would tell some story in a flat, sarcastic tone that made it absolutely clear that a) she's not impressed by that scar and b) that she has no scars cause no fucker ever got that close enough to her and c) if they DID, she knows how to sew herself up so that it's minimal because she's fucking XENA that's why!

... Sorry. The macho bullshit may be getting to me.

Well, I am going to do something else for a while. I'm all Arrow'd out.

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