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Do people still use LJ? I hope so.

I got sucked into using FB for a while cause the status messages are so easy to post and my friends that I see in day-to-day life get to see them. But I miss my online friends and the network of fandom that I'd built up before I made the switch. I miss fandom terribly.

I've still been writing fanfic while I've been gone, Xena and The Mummy mostly. But most of my writing efforts have been sucked up by my novel. I'm really working hard on that, trying to get a first draft finished. I am the slowest writer in history, methinks.

I met Gail Simone back in the beginning of the year. I didn't tell you about that, did I? We got along famously. She was at Swancon and it being such a small convention, I got to socialise with her and her husband rather often during the con and she had a lot of good things to say about my art. We did a panel together and she said it was one of the best panels she'd done in a long time, she had a great time. I met Emily Smith through the panel and I honestly think she's a brilliant artist and inker. If I had a dream team of people to work on a comic with? She would be one of them for sure.

So, I am working on the scripts for my comics too, and Carrie from Carrie and the Magnetism has had a major retooling of her character. I decided that the comic was too white, and there had been so many white blonde female superheroes that I wanted to do something a bit different. I was looking at photos of a friend of mine and as I stared at her there was something about her that inspired me. Then it was like turning a tetris piece and it falls into place just where you need it. My friend WAS the face of Carrie. And my friend is of Papua New Guinean descent. I kept the blonde hair for a lark, because a lot of people in PNG and the Pacific Islands have brown skin and blonde hair. It always gets up racist people's noses when they see it, too. And Lord knows I love annoying racist people. It'll take some research into PNG/Australian culture, as she's grown up in Aussie culture, but I think it'll make her far more interesting. There's a lot of stuff I can work into it all. I told my friend how she inspired me and she was so excited, she loves comics and she hasn't had a PNG superhero to look up to. I don't know how well I'll do, being a total cracker, but hopefully with some careful research and so forth I'll do it all some justice.

I think I'm mainly writing this post because I can't sleep. I have a sort-of-migraine thing happening and I had Coca Cola today which has left me jacked up all day. Too much sugar and caffeine, way more than I'm used to. Never again.

Well, goodnight, lovies. <3


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