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In here life is beautiful.

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"Twin-hitting Tomboy."

-- tommmo.

Hi. My name is Nancy Lorenz, and I'm a singer/songwriter from Australia. I am an all-round fangirl, a lover of good (and bad) movies, comedy, and I really enjoy meeting new people, so feel free to look through my journal and friend me should I amuse. I am also an artist, writer in training, and comic artist. I am also a keen enthusiast of cult icons (Spinal Tap, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cabaret, MST3K, etc et al!)

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There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. - Albert Schweitzer

No, Heaven will not ever be; unless my cats are there to welcome me. - Unknown

☥ ☾ ♋ ☠

Bored? You're welcome to skip the personal shit! nacey - my art and fic journal


BirdMartiaN Issue One Progress.


A mermaid and a human girl agree to swap souls when life gets too much. Will Miriam survive under the waves, and is Amaryllis cut out for the hectic life on land? Is running away the answer, or will they learn more about themselves in their new surroundings than they thought they would?

Naceyfic community is open to additions.

by queenmabsreveng


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