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ADMIN NOTE: If you happen to go through something like this, please feel free to post about it to. It just happened to me the other day and I know of nobody else that would be as ecstatic about it as other Poirot fans. Sorry if this is spammy!

I am now relaying my experience here in the city of Perth just a few days ago. It was LE AWESOME.

So, I'm with a friend, and we decide to go to a chemist in my city because they have a big discount if you have a disability concession card. I'm standing there waiting my turn to approach the counter where the pharmacist is and there's this guy leaning on it.

He's kinda short, balding, dignified, older, and there's something about the line of his brow and the curve of his mouth that lights up my neurons of both recognition and attraction. And then all the pennies fall at once and I realise...


It pinged back and forth in my head because my brain was like, "No, he's super awesome why would he be in PERTH" and then I remember "HE IS TOTALLY IN PERTH" and this whole time my brain is shorting out, I'm staring at him like an idiot.

Then we make eye contact and I give him the sheepiest, goofiest grin I think I've probably given ANYBODY in a really long time. He's intrigued, and he smiles back and I start bouncing on the spot. I can't help it. I just got smiled at by David Suchet and my body needs to express the joy SOMEHOW.

Now he just looks amused and I say to him, "I'm really sorry, I'm just quietly fangirling over here."

He asks me what I mean and I say, "I'm just a huge fan. I had a really bad few years a while back and I got through it reading Agatha Christie novels and watching Poirot."

He smiles broadly and says, "And that helped, did it?"

"Oh yes," I say, emphatically, "Yes it did. I really love your work."

And he said something along the lines of, "Oh that's lovely! Wonderful to hear."

Of course I don't remember the words exactly because he was smiling so much and all the squee and the hormones and the HOMG HOMG HOMG make it impossible for me to remember shit like WORDS and ohhhhhhhh THANK YOU JESUS. We then parted, me doing my business and he his, and I saw his lovely wife too, I think, and then I spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine with my friend and getting shit done.

I totally met one of the coolest actors on the planet, yo. My year? MADE.
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